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  Spectral Libraries                    
The Thermo Scientific and Sigma/Aldrich spectral libraries available on FTIRsearch.com represent some of the best quality collections of FTIR and Raman spectra anywhere. Consisting of nearly 71,000 FTIR and 16,000 Raman spectra, these libraries span many classes of compounds and industries. The spectral data in these libraries have been collected by industry and academic experts and reviewed by Thermo Fisher Scientific spectroscopists to insure that only the highest quality data is used. Thermo Scientific FT IR and FT Raman libraries are available in high resolution format featuring 2 cm-1 data spacing. The following libraries are available to all FTIRsearch.com account members. Please note that the free demonstration for non-members is made up of a substantially smaller subset of these collections; however, the spectra were selected from the full collections.
getacro.gif (1692 bytes) The PDF files list the spectra in the libraries. To view the PDF files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, use the link on the left to download it from the Adobe website.
FTIR (Range limits: 4000-400 cm-1)
Sigma / Aldrich Condensed Phase
Aldrich Edition 2 FT-IR Condensed Phase Library    ( PDF-1   PDF-II   PDF-III )
Sigma Biochemicals Library   ( PDF )
Sigma Steriods Library   
Vapor Phase
Aldrich FT-IR Vapor Phase Library
E.P.A. Vapor Phase Library   ( PDF)
Hazardous Chemicals Vapor Phase Library
Nicolet Vapor Phase Library   ( PDF)
TGA Vapor Phase Library   ( PDF )
Hummel Polymer and Additives Library   ( PDF)
Polymers, Polymer Additives & Plasticizers Library   ( PDF )
Rubber Compounding Materials Library   ( PDF )
Industry Specific
Aldrich Solvents Library   ( PDF )
Flavors & Fragrances Library  ( PDF)
Food Additives Library  ( PDF)
Hazardous Chemicals Condensed Phase Library  ( PDF)
Inorganic Library of FTIR Spectra
Lubricants and Oils Library Collection
Lubricants and Oils by ATR
Lubricants and Oils by ATR-corrected
Lubricants and Oils by Transmission
Paper Materials Library
Pharmaceutical Excipients IR Library
Surfactants Library
U.S. Geological Survey Minerals Library
Georgia State Crime Lab Drug Library  ( PDF)
Synthetic Fibers Library  ( PDF)
Raman (Range limits: 3600-100 cm-1)
Aldrich Raman Condensed Phase Library  ( PDF)
Pharmaceutical Excipients Raman Library 
Raman Polymer Library
Raman Forensics Library  ( PDF)
Raman Organic Chemical Library  ( PDF)



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