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  Aldrich by FT-Raman Spectral Library                    
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The Aldrich by Raman Library consists of 14,033 Raman spectra of various substances, most of which are pure organic or inorganic compounds. To create this library, the compounds were excited with an Nd:YVO4 laser (1064 nm) using laser powers between 100 – 800 mW measured at the sample. A Thermo Scientific Raman 950 spectrometer (with a germanium detector) was used to collect the Raman spectra. The spectra were then saved in a Raman Shift format.

The molecular formula and the CAS (Chemical Abstracts Services) registry number, when known, are available on-line.

getacro.gif (1692 bytes) To view the PDF file, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, use the link on the left to download it from the Adobe website.
The PDF file lists the spectra in the library.
pdficon.gif (238 bytes) View Library PDF
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