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  Paper Materials FT-IR Spectral Library                    
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The Paper Materials Library contains 301 FT-IR spectra of compounds and materials used in the production of paper products. The spectra were collected by Sally Berben of Integrated Paper Services Inc., a recognized specialist in the paper industry.

The library spectra were originally acquired at 2 cm-1 spectral resolution. A variety of sampling techniques were used to collect the spectra, including transmission and ATR. Whenever possible, an ATR correction algorithm was applied to the ATR spectra to make their band intensities comparable to those in a transmission spectrum of the same material. However, some of the ATR spectra could not be corrected, due to the nature of the sample.

This library is designed to help both frequent and occasional users identify the composition of completed paper products as well as impurities that are commonly found in papers. The library is particularly suited for use in quality control and research and development applications and in analytical labs that are involved in the analysis or production of paper products.

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