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  Sigma Steroids FT-IR Library                    
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The Sigma Steroids Library contains 3011 FT-IR spectra of a wide variety of natural and synthetic steroids. The steroids and spectra were obtained and provided by Sigma Chemical Company. The spectra of steroids not available from Sigma were obtained from samples provided to Sigma by the United Kingdom Medical Research Council.

The spectra were measured from KBr pellets at 2 cm-1 digital resolution. The spectra were mathematically deresolved when converted to Thermo Scientific's Omnic library format.

The following table gives the skeletal classifications for the index number ranges.

Index # range Skeletal Classification
1-104 Estrane
105-1074 Androstane
1075-1182 Etianic acid
1183-2099 Pregnane
2100-2125 Cardane, Cardenolide
2126-2321 Cholane, Cholanic acid
2322-2682 Cholestane, Spirostane
2683-2949 Ergostane, Lumistane, Campestane
2950-2976 Stigmastane, Poriferastane
2977-3006 Lupane, Ursane, Oleane, etc.
3007-3011 Steroid analogs
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