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  Nicolet Vapor-Phase Library                    
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The Nicolet Vapor-Phase Library consists of 8,654 FT-IR spectra of compounds measured in the gas phase. Most (6,543) of the spectra were acquired by Aldrich Chemical Company using samples of their products. The remaining spectra in the library are from the following sources: 1,345 spectra from the EPA gas phase IR collection, 622 spectra from the Bayerische Julious Maximilian Universitat Wurzburg, 65 spectra from the Universitat Hannover, 79 spectra from Thermo Scientific.

All of the Aldrich spectra and most of the Thermo Scientific spectra are available in printed form in the "The Aldrich Library of FT-IR Spectra," Edition 1, Volume 3 (Sigma-Aldrich Co., 1997).

The Aldrich, EPA, and Wurzburg spectra were measured in a heated cell or light-pipe connected to the outlet of a gas chromatograph. The Thermo Scientific and Hannover spectra were measured in gas cells at room temperature. For the Thermo Scientific spectra, the gases were diluted to near atmospheric pressure with nonabsorbing gases, while the Hannover spectra were run on neat gases at reduced pressure.

Special thanks are extended to Dr. Charles Pouchert of Aldrich Chemical Company, Professor Dr. Schreier of the Institute of Food Chemistry at the Bayerische Julious Maximilian Universitat Wurzburg, and Professor Dr. H. Willner of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at the Universitat Hannover, for their cooperation in preparing this library.

The spectra were originally acquired at 0.5 – 2 cm-1 spectral resolution. The spectra were mathematically deresolved during conversion to Thermo Scientific Omnic library format.

For the Aldrich spectra and the Thermo Scientific spectra of Aldrich chemicals, the Aldrich catalog number of the compound and the location of the printed spectrum in volume 3 of the "Aldrich FT-IR Collection, Edition I" are also included. The latter is in the form: <page number> <spectrum letter>; for example, 234B refers to the second (B) spectrum on page 234.

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The PDF file lists the spectra in the library.
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