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  Inorganic Library of FT-IR Spectra                    
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This library contains 1803 infrared spectra of inorganic and related compounds, including 600 minerals, 296 boron compounds, 210 commercial materials, indicators and dyes, and 697 other inorganic substances. The compounds represented in the library include inorganic compounds and other materials found in a typical inorganic laboratory. Some examples are organometallic compounds, salts of organic acids, metal complexes with organic ligands, common organic ligands, such as EDTA, organic indicators and dyes used in inorganic analysis and a few commonly used organic compounds.

The spectra were measured with a Thermo Scientific FT-IR spectrometer configured for mid-infrared transmission sampling. All of the samples were run as KBr pellets or mulls. The spectra were collected at 4 cm-1 spectral resolution. Baseline and other corrections were applied to the library spectra as needed.

While infrared spectroscopy is a well-known and respected technique for the analysis of organic compounds, applications with inorganic materials have been limited. This is due mainly to the weak vibrational response of many inorganic substances. However, this library demonstrates that infrared spectroscopy can be applied to a wide range of inorganic materials with impressive results.

The compounds in this library are divided into the following subgroups: minerals, boron compounds, commercial materials, indicators and dyes, and other inorganic materials. Additional information about each substance, such as the compound name, molecular formula, composition, color, and location (occurrence), is available on-line.

The compound name will help you locate the printed spectrum in the Inorganic Library of FT-IR Spectra (NICODOM, Prague, Czech Republic, 1998), which is available for purchase from Nicodom s.r.o., Hlavni 2727, CZ-141 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic, Europe. You can also contact Nicodom through their web site, at www.nicodom.cz.

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