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The Search Demo gives you limited access to the FTIRsearch.com server to allow you to see the power of online spectral searching for yourself. However, if you have a Certificate Number, you can redeem it right now and have full access to the FTIRsearch.com database.

In the Demo Mode, you can submit any spectral data file and use the Spectral Search feature to find the best matches in the database. You can select a spectrum to search from the list of sample files in the Demo, or submit a data file of your own. If you want to try actually uploading one of the sample files yourself, simply download and unzip the Example Data Files, then upload the desired file. You can also use the Text Search option to look up spectra by compound name, CAS number and molecular formula.

Please note that the Search Demo has two limitations:

1. When operating in Demo Mode, the server only searches a small demo database of compounds (approximately 575 spectra). Only registered FTIRsearch.com account members have access to the full spectral database (nearly 87,000 spectra).
2. The Demo Mode does not allow you to access the server's online account management and purchasing services. These features are only available to registered FTIRsearch.com account members.

For more information, please refer to the Search Demo Instructions.

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