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  Polymers by FT-Raman Spectral Library                    
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The Polymers by Raman Library is a collection of 99 Raman spectra of common industrial polymer compounds. The library should be of interest to those in the polymer industry as well as any Raman spectroscopist who needs a quick analysis of polymer packaging or contaminants.

All of the spectra in this library were measured on the research grade Thermo Scientific FT-Raman spectrometer. To create this library, the compounds were excited with a Nd:VO4 laser (1064 nm) using a laser power of 350 mW measured at the sample. The compounds were measured in glass containers—a common practice with Raman analysis.

The spectra in this high resolution library were originally acquired at 4 cm-1 spectral resolution (data points every 2 cm-1). The spectra were then saved in Raman Shift format.

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