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  Sigma Bio-Chemicals FT-IR Library                    
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The Sigma Biochemical Library consists of 10,411 FT-IR spectra of interest to those in the biochemical field. The spectra were originally acquired at 2 cm-1 spectral resolution, then mathematically deresolved when converted to Thermo Scientific library format.

Additional information stored in this library include the molecular formula, CAS (Chemical Abstracts Services) registry number, when known, and the location number of the printed spectrum in The Sigma Library of FT-IR Spectra are available on-line. The Sigma location number is in the form:

<volume number> - <page number> <spectrum letter>

For example, the spectrum with the location number 1-234B refers to the second (B) spectrum on page 234 of Volume 1.

Abbreviations Used in Compound Names

Since the compound names associated with the spectra are often very long, in many cases it has become necessary to abbreviate the full name of the substance. The table below defines the abbreviations used in the name field.

Abbreviation Name
T-BOC t-Butoxycarbonyl
BSA Bovine Serum Albumin conjugate
CBZ Carbobenzyloxy
CHA Cyclohexylammonium
CLPH Chlorophenyl
CNET Cyanoethyl
DANSYL 5-Dimethylamino-1-naphthalenesulfonyl
DCHA Dicyclohexylammonium
DDZ 3,5-Dimethoxy-a,a-dimethylbenzyloxycarbonyl
DMT 4,4’-Dimethoxytrityl
2,4-DNP 2,4-Dinitrophenyl
DNPYR 3,5-Dinitro-2-pyridyl
FMOC 9-Fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl
IPREN Isopropylidene
MESYL Methanesulfonyl
MSOC 2-(Methanesulfonyl)ethoxycarbonyl
MTH Methylthiohydantoin
PTH Phenylthiohydantion
TFA Trifluoroacet(ate/yl)
TOSYL p-Toluenesulfonyl

In addition to the above abbreviations, occasionally atomic symbols are used in place of element names: e.g., CL = chloro- or chloride. Also, Greek letters (alpha, beta, gamma,...,omega) are given as their lower-case Roman equivalents (a, b, g,...,w), and the standard abbreviations are used for amino acids in polypeptide names.

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The PDF file lists the spectra in the library.
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