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  TGA Vapor-Phase Library                    
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The TGA Vapor-Phase Library contains 460 spectra of compounds most likely to evolve during TGA/FT-IR experiments. Spectra of compounds in the library range from methane to hydrogen bromide, and from acetaldehyde to p-xylene.

Spectral search results from the TGA Vapor-Phase Library can be invaluable to R&D chemists studying both composition and decompositional properties of materials. It is equally useful to QC investigations when products do not meet specifications.

The majority of the spectra were acquired by Aldrich Chemical Company using a Thermo Scientific FT-IR GC interface coupled to an HP 5790 Gas Chromatograph. These spectra were supplemented by EPA spectra and by spectra acquired by the Bayerische Julius Maximilian Universitat Wurzburg and Universitat Hannover.

While the TGA Vapor Phase Library will help to identify most low molecular weight gases, there are of necessity fewer vapor spectra of higher molecular weight. Those investigators who require a database with spectra of more exotic species and combinations of functional groups should consider obtaining the Nicolet Vapor-Phase Library.

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The PDF file lists the spectra in the library.
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