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  Example Data Files                    
If you want to search the FTIRsearch.com demo database by chemical name, CAS number, chemical formula, you do not need to submit a data file. Simply select Try the Demo and login as a demo user. Once the demo member screen appears, select Text Search and follow the instructions.

However, if you want to try a Spectrum Search, you will need to submit an FTIR or Raman data file. You can submit a spectrum in any data file format supported by the FTIRsearch.com server. Just in case you don't have any spectral data files handy, we've included Example Data Files that you can try out. These example files are listed in both the Simple and Advanced Spectral upload pages of the Demo Mode. From these pages, click on the sample file you wish to upload and search against the demo database. The Example Data Files set includes a variety of spectra from different vendors' instrument software and some in commonly used generic data file formats.

If you wish to try uploading any of the sample files from your local hard drive, you can use the link below to download a zipped file containing the Example Data Files. You will need a decompression software package (such as WinZIP) to extract the individual data files to a local directory on your computer. Once the ZIP file is decompressed, simply select Try the Demo, login as a demo user, and select either Simple or Advanced Spectrum Search. Follow the instructions for submitting a data file, and use any of the files listed below.

  Download Example Data zip file (107 kb)

The zip file contains the following sample files:

FTIR Data Files
COCAINE.ASF Cocaine measured on an Analect FX Series instrument 
PET.DT PET Polymer from a Bio-Rad Digilab 3200 Data Station
IR_BENZ.SPC Benzene spectrum in Thermo Scientific SPC format
POLYSTYR.JWS Polystyrene Film from Jasco Spectra Manager software
NYLON-6.ABS Spectrum of Nylon 6 in Mattson WinFIRST format
PETHYLEN.SP Polyethylene sample from PerkinElmer IR Data Manager software
SIL-OIL.SP Silicon Oil stored by the PerkinElmer Spectrum IR software 
POLYSTYR.SPA Another Polystyrene spectrum but in Thermo Fisher OMNIC format
TOLUENE.IRS Toluene spectrum from the Shimadzu HyperIR software
NYLON6.IRF Yet another spectrum of Nylon 6 in Sadtler SearchMaster format
Raman Data Files
CYCLOHEX.SPA Cyclohexane spectrum from Thermo Fisher's OMNIC software
RAMAN_C.SP Cyclohexane in PerkinElmer Spectrum IR format
CHEXANE.SPC Cyclohexane from Dilor LabSpec exported to Thermo Fisher SPC format



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