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  Thermo Scientific SPC File Format                    
Extension *.spc, *.fir, *.rmn
The Thermo Scientific SPC file format is a generic format used in all of Thermo Scientific's software products. In addition, many spectrometer vendors' software packages offer capabilities to export spectral data to the Thermo Scientific SPC format or use it as their native file format. All the converters and translators used on this site create Thermo Scientific SPC files from the submitted spectral data files before presenting them to the library search engine on this site. Submitting data files in the Thermo Scientific SPC format is the most reliable way to guarantee that your data is interpreted correctly for searching against the databases.

The Thermo Scientific SPC file format is completely public domain information. If you would like more information on this format, please email the GRAMS Sales Team.

Refer to the complete list of supported file formats.



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