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  FAQ: Text Searching                    
Text Searching
Why don't I get any matches when I perform a Text search?

Although the FTIRsearch.com database contains nearly 87,000 spectra of various compounds, it does not contain every known compound or material. However, it is possible that the spectrum is in the database, but your search criteria were too specific to find a match. Here are some hints to help optimize your search when an initial search fails.

1. All of the spectral collections in the database have come from different sources and labs, so not all the spectra have the same level of detail. For example, many spectra in some of the smaller collections do not have CAS numbers or molecular formulas assigned to them. All spectra have at least one primary compound name and most have secondary and trade names. Try searching by only filling in the compound name and leaving the other fields blank.
2. Do not fill in the CAS number field when searching Compound Name or Formula.

Use root words in the Compound Name rather than the full chemical name to avoid punctuation and spacing mismatches (i.e., "hydrofuran" rather than "tetra-hydrofuran").

How can I find out if the database contains a spectrum I want?

If you are already a registered FTIRsearch.com member, the best way to find out is to simply go in and try a Text search. As long as you have credits in your account you can run as many text searches as you like for free (you are only charged when you view the spectra).

If you are not a registered member but are interested in learning more about the spectra in the FTIRsearch.com database, you can view the list of compounds and spectra in each sub-collection by downloading the Adobe PDF files from the Library descriptions.



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