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Search Results
Can I download the data file of a spectrum from the database in JCAMP or SPC format?

The individual collections of spectra in the FTIRsearch.com database are licensed from a number of separate sources. Each has its own unique requirements for protecting the copyrights of the spectral data in their collections. In order to protect these copyrights, FTIRsearch.com only allows downloading images of the spectra, not the actual spectral data files.

Thermo Scientific is working with the individual copyright holders to address some of these issues and it is possible this can be added as a future feature for some of the library collections in the FTIRsearch.com database. If you are interested in having this added as a new feature, please let us know by filling out a request in the Feedback form or by sending an email to support@ftirsearch.com.

How can I save a set of search results?

Currently, your last set of search results is automatically saved in your account on the FTIRsearch.com server. You can logout and come back at any time and review the results of your last Text or Spectrum Search.

FTIRsearch.com is currently evaluating the feasibility of adding a new feature to allow members to save the results of any search they choose within their accounts and review them at any time. If you are interested in using this feature, please let us know by filling out a request in the Feedback form or by sending an email to support@ftirsearch.com.

How can I paste the search results, hit list, or spectra into another application like MS Word?

In Windows, the simplest way to do this is to use the Alt+PrintScreen keys to grab a copy of the entire browser window as an image on the clipboard. This can be pasted into nearly any other Windows application that can accept bitmapped images.

Another alternative is to use the mouse pointer to highlight all the text in the Print Preview page. Then, right click on the text and choose "Copy" from the pop-up menu. This will copy all the hit list text onto the clipboard. Right click on the spectral data image to copy the picture of the spectra to the clipboard.

Some browsers (such as Microsoft IE5) let you save a copy of the entire web page to your local hard disk as a file. You can then insert a picture or file item into your document and select either the HTML file (for the hit list info) or the GIF file (for the spectral data image).



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