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  Simple ASCII XY                    
File Extension *.prn, *.txt, *.asc, *.csv
Data should only be submitted in simple ASCII XY format as a last resort when no other formats will work. In almost all cases, your instrument software will support export to one of the generic or other instrument formats supported on this site.

When a spectrum data file in ASCII XY format is submitted, the following rules must be observed or else the file will not be recognized by the SmartConvert software:

1. The data in the file must only consist of alternating pairs of X and Y values (X value first) separated by spaces, commas, tabs, or carriage returns. The best format for the data is with one XY pair per line as follows:
4000 0.951
3998 0.942
3996 0.948
2. The very first character in the first line of the file must be either a tab, a space, or a number.
The ASCII XY translator reads data from the submitted file by assuming that all data point values it finds are alternating X & Y values. The smallest X value found is assumed to correspond to the first Y value and the highest X value to the last Y value regardless of the order of the X values in the file. In addition, only the highest and lowest X values are used and the data points are assumed to be linearly spaced throughout the X axis range.
Since there is no way to determine if the Y values are in Absorbance or Transmission, or if the X axis is for FTIR (Wavenumber) or Raman (Raman Shift), you will have to assign the spectrum type and Y axis units in the data preview step before continuing with your search.
Refer to the complete list of supported file formats.



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