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  PerkinElmer 3600/7000                    
Instrument PE 3x00 Series Data Stations
There are no converters available for binary files generated by instruments that use the PE 3x00 series data stations. However, there are companies who provide utilities from moving the data files into a PC environment in other formats.

Silvermine Resources RD3 Disk Read System
A utility called "rd3" is available from Silvermine Resources to read PE 3x00 floppies directly into a PC. An external drive is required to read the single density disks of the 3x00. This brings the files into either JCAMP-DX or PE IR Data Manager formats. All the necessary software and hardware are available from:

Silvermine Resources    
P.O. Box 7474
Wilton, CT 06897 USA
Tel: (203) 762-1155

Corbett Software Data Conversion Services
There are also data conversion services available from PE 3x00 Data Stations. Both spectrum data files and libraries can be converted to PC-compatible formats. The files are returned in one of many possible formats including ASCII, JCAMP-DX, PE IR Data Manager and Thermo Scientific SPC.

For more information on these and other services for PerkinElmer instruments, please contact:

Corbett Software  
37 Pinehill Rd  
Southbury, CT 06844
Tel:     (203) 262-1699
Fax:    (203) 262-1694
Email:  eagle076@aol.com
Refer to the complete list of supported file formats.



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