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  Thermo Scientific OMNIC                    
Software OMNIC and OMNIC E.S.P.
Instrument Avatar, Impact, Magna-IR, Nexus, Nicolet x700 Series, Protégé
File Extension *.spa
This converter supports all formats of Thermo Scientific OMNIC data files including the latest 32-bit OMNIC E.S.P. software. The converter can read all types of OMNIC files including Raman, Absorbance, Transmittance, Single Beam and Interferogram files and multidimensional data files. However, only ratioed, single spectrum data files can be searched against the databases. Please do not submit anything other than ratioed FTIR or Raman spectra for searching.

If you experience problems submitting OMNIC data files for searching, be aware that the Thermo Thermo Scientific OMNIC software can also directly save data files in Thermo Scientific SPC, JCAMP-DX and Nicolet PCIR file formats. Refer to your OMNIC software documentation for more information.

Refer to the complete list of supported file formats.



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