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  Bruker OPUS (OS/2 & NT)                    
Software Opus (OS/2), Opus NT
Instrument Bruker Vector and IFS Series FT-IRs
File Extension *.0, *.1
This converter translates data files from the Bruker OPUS FT-IR data format. This format is rather complex and can be used to store several different kinds of spectral data for a given sample, all within a single data file (i.e., intererogram, single beam, absorbance, transmittance, etc.). The converter looks through the file to decide what data block to read using a list of blocks that are most desirable. When looking for data, it always looks for 3D data first. If that is not found, it then looks for an Absorbance spectrum, then a Transmittance spectrum, and so on. The table below shows the order used to detect the different data blocks. Once an instance of a data block is found, the converter will stop looking in the list and read the spectral data from that data block.

Obviously, some data items that can appear in a Bruker Opus file cannot be used for spectral searching. In order to give the best results, it is recommended that you use the Opus software to save your spectrum to a separate file with only a single data item. This will guarantee that the converter will only read the data you want to search. If this is not possible, make sure that you do not submit any multidimensional data sets (i.e., 2D-IR, GC-IR, etc.) as the converter is programmed to always look for this type of data first. Multidimensional data cannot be searched in the databases on this site.

Order    Data Block
1 3D data (i.e., 2D-IR, kinetics, GC-IR, etc.)
2 Absorbance spectrum
3 Transmittance spectrum
4 Kubelka-Munk spectrum
5 Reflectance spectrum
6 Log reflectance spectrum
7 Raman spectrum
8 ATR spectrum
9 Photoacoustic spectrum
10 Spectrum, undefined Y-units (usually single beam)
11 Interferogram
12 Power spectrum
13 Phase spectrum
Refer to the complete list of supported file formats.



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