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  Bomem DA Series (PDP)                    
Instrument DA2, DA3 and DA8 (PDP Computer)
File Extension *.da
This file converter works with Bomem DA3 or DA8 binary data files created on the PDP computer. Before spectra from this instrument are submitted, the data files must first be transferred from the PDP computer into a PC. Contact Bomem for more information on file transfer from the PDP computer. This converter only supports Absorbance (log base 10), and Transmittance data files. Raw Spectrum, Peak List, Integrated Peak List, Create File and Interferogram files are not supported.

Bomem offers an upgrade package for all DA3 and DA8 spectrometers. This package includes a hardware upgrade to the instrument and comes with their new Series DA Windows software which stores data files in the Thermo Scientific SPC file format. This upgrade is only available from Bomem; please contact them directly for more information.
Refer to the complete list of supported file formats.



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