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  Bio-Rad Digilab / Varian Win-IR Pro, Merlin and Resolutions                    
Software Win-IR Pro, Merlin and Resolutions
Currently, there is no converter available to read the *.bsp files produced by Win-IR Pro, Merlin or Resolutions software packages. However, both software packages support export of spectral data to Thermo Scientific SPC and JCAMP formats and reportedly the AIA/ANDI FT-IR format as well. For information on how to export your spectra to one of these formats, please refer to your software documentation or contact Varian Instruments.

Note that Win-IR Pro, Win-IR and Win-IR Foundation are three separate software packages. Win-IR Pro is a Window NT software package produced by Bio-Rad Digilab which uses its own special file format that is not compatible with the converters on this site. Win-IR and Win-IR Foundation are customized versions of Thermo Scientific's GRAMS/32 software and use the Thermo Scientific SPC format to store all spectral data files.

Refer to the complete list of supported file formats.



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