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  Analect PC80, FX70 and FX80                    
Refer to the complete list of supported file formats.
Software PC80, FX70, FX80
Instruments All Analect FT-IR/NIRS using DOS or Windows
File Extension *.asf, *.aif, *.abs, *.bkh,  or *.bkl
This converter imports data files from the Analect FT-IR and FT-NIR instrument data file formats. This format is used for storing spectral data throughout a variety of Analect software products and may work with more products than listed above. The converter can import all types of spectral data files including single beam (sample and background), ratioed spectra, processed spectra and interferograms. However, make sure that you submit only Absorbance or Transmission spectra for searching..

This converter does not support data files from the Analect FX90 software which are stored in a different format and will normally be translated using the LabControl SPECTACLE converter.

This converter does not support data files from older Analect CPM-based computer systems. To search this data, you must translate the data files to JCAMP before submitting them for searching.



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