Software Dexter or NIC/OS on 1280 data stations
Instrument All SX & DX FT-IRs
File Extension *.nic
This converter translates data files from Nicolet FT-IR spectrometers using older 1280-based data stations running SX or DX software. Since the Nicolet computer is not PC-compatible, the data must be transferred to a PC before the data can be submitted for searching. There are a number of options available for transferring data from the Nicolet 1280 computer to a PC:
1.)  Binary transfer over an RS232 cable using Kermit protocol and terminal software
2.)  Binary transfer over an RS232 cable using the Nicolet FILTRN utility
3.)  Direct storage to PC floppy disk using Nicolet NIC2DOS utility

For more information on any of these transfer options, please contact Nicolet directly. Note that you must rename the files to use a *.nic file extension after they are transferred to the PC. Make sure you remember to rename your files before submitting them for searching.

Refer to the complete list of supported file formats.


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